Futur Infinitif


The titles for the Futur collages are derived from the French conjugation of verbs to the future tense; what will happen, and what will have happened. The source material for this collage-based work was commercially printed at a time when the future did indeed seem vast, within human grasp, and survivable. As space exploration was realized and humans landed on the moon, ideas of interplanetary living, space exploration, and survival in unforeseen environmental conditions held imaginations captive. Preparing for the upcoming mission to Mars, current events are once again inspired by this imagining of future survival. The inquiry of this work lies between discussions of the everyday and of the spectacular, while continuously asking the viewer: “How will we survive the present and what could the future look like?” With this body of work, I aim to explore how survival tactics, perpetual preparedness and environmental phenomena relate to past imaginings of the future now.